Twenty20 video highlights: Yuvraj Singh goes bonkers, again

Some highlights for those who haven’t seen them of Yuvraj going a trifle berserk against Australia in the second semi-final. 70 from 30 balls! What game is this?

Click here if you can’t see the mayhem. It’s really quite massive.

Video highlights of Yuvraj Singh’s filthy six sixes

Filthy, disgustingly massive sixes these. Just have a look how far they go.

Gluttons for punishment who can’t see the above video should click here. Furthermore, read Cricinfo’s comms of his innings.

West Indies are all over India

Title says it all. In the 38 overs bowled so far in the fourth Test, India are 56 for 3. That’s under two runs-per-over! Rahul Dravid (inevitably) and Yuvraj Singh have put on 22 for the fourth wicket to steady proceedings, but it’s a cracking start to the Test. Check out the live scorecard.

Update: 91 for 5 from 50 overs

Update: 91 for 6. Read my colleage Jamie’s comments in the ball-by-ball coverage at Cricinfo:

Collymore to Dhoni, OUT, GONE! Short ball on off, Dhoni goes for his favorite cut shot but can only hit it to Dwayne Bravo in the slips, what a good catch, made it look so simple, another Indian falls prey to this disciplined bowling attack, they’re in tatters here at Sabina Park, what a batting display, check one more for the Windies

Yes, he did say disciplined! What a first day West Indies are having.