WordPress.com invite available

I’ve been sent an invitation for WordPress.com and have one spare to give away. Not sure why I’ve been invited, but there you go! WordPress.com is still closed to the general public, so this is your golden opportunity to get on there…

Using all your imagination, humour and inventiveness (I don’t care if that’s not a proper word – it’s Sunday, the day of word-rest), leave a comment with why you are worthy of the invite and why you want it. What would you use it for & why? etc

NB: monetary bribes are accepted and encouraged.

RSS Feeds broken and fixed

Thanks to Atul for letting me know: my feeds (www.cricket.mailliw.com/feed) were broken, and are now hopefully fixed. Please let me know if you have any problems with it (leave a comment). Upgraded to WP which seems to have fixed it.

Updates to the site

I’ve made a few changes to the site. On the right, there are now news items from the BBC; live scores from the ECB; cricket links (via del.icio.us) and cricket-related photos from Flickr.

The comments have changed too. You can now subscribe to receive email notifications of new comments on a particular post without having to comment yourself (all email addresses are completely hidden and will never be displayed publicly or to other readers). But of course, please do comment if you want

New site design

OK – due to laziness, I’ve grabbed a theme from another site (link at bottom of page) so hopefully it’s compatible with IE users (grr) and Firefox users (hurrah). Promise I’ll get everyone’s links back soon, but in the meantime I have a very exciting idea which I’ll write about after a cuppa.

Upgrade complete

OK so the upgrade has completed, at long last (not nearly as pain free as I thought it’d be). As you can see, my old design has gone for the time being, as it won’t work with the new upgrade. I’ll get all the links back soon.

Comment spam (WordPress) (again)

I wrote recently about a solution to comment-spam. It’s stopped a whole load of rubbish but has also stopped some of yours (legit) comments. Sorry about this – once they’ve been trapped, there doesn’t seem to be a way of releasing them. Hopefully it’ll be ok from now on.

WordPress spam killer: Spam Karma

If you’re reading this, use WordPress, and suffer from the latest craze in spamming (comment-spam) – get Spam Karma. I had been using Spaminator, but lately it wasn’t doing its job. Spam Karma has blocked nearly 100 spam in 12 hours; brilliant.

Comment spam (WordPress)

Anyone who blogs using WordPress, you’ve probably been trampled over by comment spammers. (I’ve had 300 in 12 hours…) Just found this Spaminator (“Kitten’s Spaminator“) which so far works well.

Happy New Year to all.