Wither, bowlers

Were the bowlers all blind or drugged into bowling half-volleys?

Two junior cricketers from Hyderabad created history when they added a world-record 721 runs in 40 overs to eclipse the 664-run stand between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli set in 1987-88. The St Peter’s School openers B Manoj Kumar and Mohammed Shaibaaz Tumbi, both 13, hit an unbeaten 320 and 324 respectively in the Hyderabad Cricket Association Inter-School Under-13 tournament on Wednesday.

Show offs.

Kallis hits 17th century against India

An interesting article at Cricinfo on Kallis’ hundred against India. In particular:

But before this tour something happened to change all that. Ray Jennings asked the team to talk about how they perceived each other, what they really thought, not just a facade. One of the newest members of the squad said of Kallis: “He’s a great player who doesn’t want to share his knowledge.” Kallis was stung: that just wasn’t the way it was at all.

A revealing insight into the mindset of cricketers and batsmen – and, also, perhaps, the pressure of sport and the pressure players put themselves under. Kallis is a wonderful player – over 6000 runs at nearly 54 is fine – but clearly his 16 previous centuries were immensely personal to him. He’s always struck me as a very intelligent, well-mannered, non-aggressive cricketer and someone who’d be first to help others (especially younger batsmen).

On a similar note, I think I’ll draw up a list of Cricket’s Failure’s – insanely talented batsmen who couldn’t cut it at the top level. (Why am I suddenly thinking Hick, Ramprakash, Kambli [Vinod?], Blewett…..)

PS: But why the slow run-rate (SA v India)?