Ticket to nowhere

The Barmy Army can’t even give tickets away to Australia vs England at Sydney. Fortunately, England’s tour of duty is nearly over. And they are really treating it as a tour of duty.

Gary Hayes is one of South Australia’s most respected and sociable cricket coaches. He coaches Adelaide University’s first-grade side, a club where Liam Plunkett once passed a contented and productive season. His desire to wish Plunkett well at an England net session this week required a security officer to hover a yard from his shoulder, antennae twitching. Hayes is half-Malaysian – he recently coached the Malaysian team – and wonders if that explains it. “Goons,” he concluded, suitably unimpressed.

Had the security team investigated Hayes further they would have discovered that he had also contacted Plunkett during the second Test in Adelaide, the Test where England’s last-day capitulation sealed their Ashes defeat. Plunkett went out for dinner with his one-time coach and some former colleagues but had to eat at a restricted list of restaurants vetted by England. As he left the hotel his Durham colleague, Paul Collingwood, joked that he would not be having room service for the first time on tour. How can it be beneficial for an England cricketer to tour in such a reclusive manner?

This is kind of hilarious. Where do they think they are, Australia or Iraq? What on earth are they so frightened of? It’s hard to imagine anyone telling the likes of Steve Waugh or Matthew Hayden where they could or could not eat on tour. But as an Australian fan, I’m delighted to read this, because no England team is going to come here and win with this sort of mentality.

Have you bought Ashes tickets on eBay?

Thought this would be interesting to hear who have bought Ashes tickets on eBay, following the news that Cricket Australia have cancelled 1300 such tickets.

So, have you bought any from eBay? Has Cricket Australia contacted you yet? Are you going to re-flog them back on eBay and try to get your money back?(!)

Ashes tickets cancelled

It seems that Cricket Australia has taken a step of voiding some 1300 Ashes tickets today, in an attempt to curtail the internet auction trend.

It’s a risk you take if you buy from sites like eBay. What is slightly odd is the Board’s decision to not announce which tickets have been cancelled. Without this, eBay cannot help push for compensation and even the most informed fans will make unnecessary journeys and clog up stadium traffic and entrances.

Many of those with eBay tickets will be English fans. A long way to go to be turned away at the ground. Hopefully, this is just a delay on the Board’s part. Otherwise the people losing out the most will be fans, not touts.

Barmy Army Ashes tours 2006-07

It’s been mere hours since I last mentioned the A word, so it’s high time we mentioned it – and the Barmy Army.

From humble, albeit boistrous beginnings, England’s Barmy Army has morphed into a commercial venture offering serious fans the chance to tour with Brits (and others) following England. From what I can gather, they’re a great help and offer great support to the team; during England’s darker days in the mid-1990s, it always brought a smile to my face that hundreds of people could drunkedly chant “Barmy Army! Barmy Army!” in the face of 70 for 8 with Gus Fraser at the crease. Not Gus’ fault, of course – in fact, he’s an utter legend in Barmy parts and even not-so-barmy parts.

With the own-goal netted by Cricket Australia this week, it looks like the Barmy Army (who according to an insider have deals and connections in the cricket-ticket-world – the illuminati, if you will; ticketing masons, even) have a feast of tickets to go along with their other tour offerings. See here for details.

2006-07 Ashes tickets farce

Tickets went on sale for Australian Cricket Family members yesterday, and sold an incredible 182,000 in the first eight hours. That’s a heck of a lot, but it’s left thousands of others ticketless and frustrated, as the website and telephone system crashed under the weight of Ashes fever.


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Cricinfo has a feast of goodness on the whole affair, including:

Supporters who missed out have described the system as a “fiasco” and a “farce”. “I became part of the Australian Cricket Family, but feel like a stepchild,” Chris Flaherty said. “At age 53, do you think I’m too old to be adopted by a nicer family?” wrote Jillian Mitchell.

“I am absolutely devastated and near tears,” Cindy Gibbins said. “I was on the phone from 9.01am to 3.11pm and am still trying to get through. I want two tickets to the first day of the first Test, which is a tradition for my father and I.”

They’re already appearing on eBay, topping £8,000! Madness.

Tickets for the Ashes in November

They go on sale June 1. Sold out in 12 hours? I reckon so. Cricket Australia must be giddy in anticipation – loadsa munnay!

Update June 1 2006: Did you get your tickets? Thousands didn’t…

On Saturday he will mostly be…

On Saturday I will mostly be…

Photo taken by nico. @ Flickr.com.

The green-eyed monster in me is rising…if anyone is feeling generous and wants to give me their ticket for any of the five days, do let me know. I won’t mind going in place of you.

England v Bangladesh T1

Excellent – I’m off to see Bangladesh and England at Lord’s a week on Friday, free, thanks to my Uncle. Shall take some photos and may even blog my thoughts from the ground…:)

Lord’s Ashes Tickets

Amazing to see the prices of Ashes tickets at Lord’s on eBay. Over £500 so far here

If I had the money I’d snap them up in a shot…

Tsunami Ticket

Tsunami Ticket

Photo taken by mailliw @ Flickr.com.

Recorded for posterity…