Street cricket in London

It’s more common to see street cricket from the alleys of Pakistan or India, but here’s a game being played in London:

Street cricket in London

Let’s start a revolution. (photos found at Guy Atherton’s Flickr)

Street cricket in India

A game of Cricket, originally uploaded by wanderingpoet79.

This marvellous shot – and it is marvellous – is woefully let down by its photographer who rather shamefully refers to the boy hitting “a homerun.” Urgh. It’s like your parents and grandparents trying to learn teenage lingo, failing miserably, but insisting that they are cool…

“There’s a cow at short mid-on!”

That’s just plain unfair and against the rules:

It's a cow

Urban street cricket photos

Stavros reminded me of these photos, which I forgot to post last night. They’re just a bunch of people playing cricket in the street, but it’s significant that they’re (almost certainly) British and in Britain. I’ve mentioned and posted photos of Indian street cricket, which is altogether more common…but in Britain? Not so common.

From Flickr user Matthew Moor