Where to watch the rugby in London?

Right then. It’s a big one tomorrow for the Rugby World Cup Final. Me and my mate have come up with what we consider to be a definitive list of must-haves for a venue in London:

1) Pub atmosphere. A pub, then.

2) Reasonable quantity of South African supporters, but no more than 50%. And that includes those behind the bar.

3) Decent Guinness, and not the extra-cold filth

4) Decent Youngs, Adnams or other draft and a fine selection of snackage

5) Not massively packed. Yeah, ok – stupid request

6) Easy access to outside for the socially retarded smokers like me

7) Oh, and a TV would be useful too

8 ) Unattached ladies to court. Sloanies need not apply. (No funnies about Soho please)

The O2 centre was mentioned but I’m not going all that way. I want it to be central in case we lose and need to drink into the wee hours. In fact, that applies for both eventualities.

So come on – by this time tomorrow I want a choice of at least 10 ideas.

Three lions of South Africa

First there was Kevin Pietersen. Then a growing army of South Africans, fed up with their lot (and what a lot…), joined him over here as part of a growing band of Kolpakians. Allan Donald was soon poached – and now Jonty Rhodes is next. What ever is going on in South African cricket?

I think it’s great having Donald and Rhodes over here. I don’t believe a foreign coach is necessarily a bad thing, but you do have to wonder how and why South Africa are unable to employ such high-profile former players.

“As with the rest of the support team we want the right person to do that job,” said England coach Peter Moores. “When we’ve got the right bloke we can look to bring him in and see how he goes. We have seen that in other specialist positions for coaches.

“We are talking about people who could make a genuine difference to international performances – and they don’t always grow on trees. If we get a fielding coach we want him to influence fielding in England not just at England level.”

From Cricinfo.

Girls from South Africa

That ought to get the punters reading! Tony Greig, commentating on South Africa against Australia:

The most beautiful girls in the world come from South Africa. And that’s from Shane Warne…he should know.

Tony’s an utter legend