Where shall I go on holiday?

NB: nothing to do with cricket…

I’ve got a couple of weeks off in October so I need to start planning for a holiday. Where should I go? Italy is high up on the list, as usual, but so is New York (Ryan, reply to your emails dammit), Antigua, Scotland and others. Tight budget, not into five-star hotels – although, of course, if you happen to be working at British Airways or another airline and wish to bump me up to First Class, do get in touch. Suggestions, please! (maybe I’ll run a poll…or not)

Beach cricket in Scotland

This is superb! On a beach near Fife in Scotland; even in August, Scotland can be a chilly place. But it”s always beautiful. I casino canada spent so many holidays in my youth on the west coast of Scotland – an incredible country. Check out the larger photo too.

beach cricket


Scotland’s poor smokers

Yes it kills you. Yep, it’s bloody expensive and lulls you into a fall sense of unbridled satisfaction. It smells, it lingers, it stains. But it’s our/their/your right. Pity Scotland and her happy smokers, for today marks the beginning of the end.

I know it’s wrong. In fact, me and a mate were accosted by an elderly drunked in the pub the on Friday who had, after 50 years of puffing, finally given up. Well done that man. I usually resent the preaching of recently-quit smokers, but his insistence was too pressing. Much of his ramblings were incomprehensible, no doubt fuelled by another equally wonderful poison, but he did make one useful observation: smoking is the biggest con around. It is. And we’re all the more pathetic for it. However ridiculous as it sounds – and I tell my brother this on an almost weekly basis – we enjoy it!

As I lit up another one, and supped on my beer in a remarkably cheap pub which does beer for £2.80, it got me thinking. 2006 will be the year I quit – it will – but nevertheless, I despise the nanny state and dictatorship we live in. Maybe the government are covering their arses for the eventual influx of law suits (“no one told me it would kill me!”) from society’s gluttonous creatures. Nevertheless, it makes me angry that someone in government can tell us – law-abiding, polite, hard-working tax-payers – not to smoke.

Oh, and by the way, the bars housed on the Thames in Parliament are exempt from the upcoming ban on smoking; those very same minions will happily puff on their cigarettes while the rest of us suffer in the stupifaction of better health and a nicotineless existence.

Yes it’s bad, but it’s also our choice. Meanwhile, Jacques Kallis has just hit his 24th hundred (vain attempt to make this rant related to cricket, which it clearly aint)

Apologies, shan’t rant about non-cricket matters here again.

The BBC and football’s intrusion on our summer of cricket

The BBC, who now must be regretting their decision not to fight for the TV rights of cricket in Britain, published an interesting piece on football’s intrusion on our summer of Ashes fun. The Beeb are a non-commercial organisation, despite taxing us each year for the privledge of watching TV, yet their fondness of Football has always irked me somewhat. BBC Radio Five Live is an excellent station, but the dominance Football has had on our airwaves has been depressing for a cricket fan…until this summer! It has been encouraging to see the Beeb spend so much time on cricket on the radio; even their newsreaders seem to have been taught the rules of the game.

They no longer look surprised when uttering “England ended with a score of four HUNDRED and fourty four runs today.” Massive emphasis on HUNDRED. It’s a cricket score, BBC people – they tend to get into the hundreds you know.

Also noteworthy today was the news that the BBC are to broadcast their first cricket match on TV for six years. Before you get excited, it’s only available to the lucky Scots, for their one-day game against the mighty Australians. The Telegraph have more on this.

Are the BBC regretting handing over the rights to Channel 4 (in 1999), and now Sky? You bet they are…