Quote of the day

This was actually said last month as part of a musing about limited overs cricket, but it’s worth a wider audience:

Bottom line: anyone who cheers the end of a Shane Bond spell because it lets the batsmen go back to pasting dodgy kiwi medium pacers around the park is a philistine.

sqrt( ( sum ( diff_means ^ 2 )) / innings )

Russ gets all mathematical on his readers while discussing this column at Cricinfo. Mathematically minded readers might enjoy his analysis. Me, I got a headache trying to figure it out, but then I’m hopelessly innumerate.

Thoughts on Australia’s bowling attack.

Urban design blogger Russell Degnan turns his considerable intellect towards cricket on an agreeably regular basis. His latest offering is an analysis of Australia’s Test bowling options going through until 2009. Well worth a read.