Where to watch the rugby in London?

Right then. It’s a big one tomorrow for the Rugby World Cup Final. Me and my mate have come up with what we consider to be a definitive list of must-haves for a venue in London:

1) Pub atmosphere. A pub, then.

2) Reasonable quantity of South African supporters, but no more than 50%. And that includes those behind the bar.

3) Decent Guinness, and not the extra-cold filth

4) Decent Youngs, Adnams or other draft and a fine selection of snackage

5) Not massively packed. Yeah, ok – stupid request

6) Easy access to outside for the socially retarded smokers like me

7) Oh, and a TV would be useful too

8 ) Unattached ladies to court. Sloanies need not apply. (No funnies about Soho please)

The O2 centre was mentioned but I’m not going all that way. I want it to be central in case we lose and need to drink into the wee hours. In fact, that applies for both eventualities.

So come on – by this time tomorrow I want a choice of at least 10 ideas.