Notes from the pavilion for October 22nd

Links of note from the past 24 hours:

Harmison hype

There’s too much hype about Harmison. At test level, he’s a really average bowler.

Read in this week’s Time Out London in their brilliant column, Overhead underground (from

Quote of the day

This was actually said last month as part of a musing about limited overs cricket, but it’s worth a wider audience:

Bottom line: anyone who cheers the end of a Shane Bond spell because it lets the batsmen go back to pasting dodgy kiwi medium pacers around the park is a philistine.

Quote of the week

It’s nice[1] when bloggers provide me with a Quote of the Week:

There is nothing like a Boxing Day spent dozing off your Christmas supper in front of a television showing live cricket. Its even better when the cricket involves two teams full of mouthy idiots who like nothing better than to wind each other up. Anybody who followed the dig-filled build-up to the second test in Australia would have loved watching the onfield action involving Andre Nel, Graeme Smith and Shane Warne.


[1] Note to self: stop using that useless word nice.

Quote of the day – Bob Willis

Bob Willis usually comes up with some gems, none better than this:

“Shane Warne’s the next patient for Doctor Flintoff”

I’ll leave you to make your minds up…

Steve Waugh: sledger par excellence

This is in my quotes database, and pops up every now and then on the right-hand-side…and each time I see it it makes me laugh:

“It beats Monday morning at Chelmsford – all tea and Pimm’s. The amount of times Steve Waugh said to me: ‘Enjoy it Nasser, this is your last Test. We will never see you again.’”

Steve Waugh: Sledger par excellence!

Cricket quotes available for your sites/blogs

Jagadish requested I made available a simple page displaying the cricket quotes, which I’ve done. So you can use this on your blogs using an iframe if you like.

I’ll make an XML one and will also add a hook-in so people can submit their own..when I have time

More cricket quotes

I’ve added half a dozen more cricket quotes which display randomly on the right, so look out for them. Some pretty good ones – leave a comment if you hear any yourselves…

Cricket quotes

I have a dozen or so famous/stupid/funny/eccentric quotes from cricketers, and people citing cricket, which display randomly. If you know of any more – do let me know, by leaving a comment here.