Germans playing cricket

Dortmund 2006 009, originally uploaded by Linear Min.

The notion that Germans play cricket is laughable enough (oh come on, admit it! **), but this photo rather takes the biscuit. In an indoor tournament in Dortmund, a bloke is seen trying to will the lost ball down from the roof. Great shot!

** After my last tongue-in-cheek remark about the female form, a week ago, I’m rather reticent about posting my honest opinions on this blog. But it won’t stop me. I do, of course, support all cricket from all nations. I’m British, and we tend to find Germans rather amusing. It’s a two-way street – they find us equally funny.

Street cricket in India

A game of Cricket, originally uploaded by wanderingpoet79.

This marvellous shot – and it is marvellous – is woefully let down by its photographer who rather shamefully refers to the boy hitting “a homerun.” Urgh. It’s like your parents and grandparents trying to learn teenage lingo, failing miserably, but insisting that they are cool…

Derelict cricket clubs

Highbury CC

Originally uploaded by Jim Moran.

Bleh. Sad sight, this, for the cricket fan, but it does remind me of TWC’s “Adopt a Club” scheme which this would perhaps benefit from.

“There’s a cow at short mid-on!”

That’s just plain unfair and against the rules:

It's a cow

The Bearded Wonder

Bill Frindall

A photo of The Bearded Wonder at Lord’s

Talking of which, Frindall’s must-buy annual Playfair is available to preorder on Amazon and is only £3.99. Which seems well cheap to me.

Playfair Cricket Annual

Sun setting at Adelaide

How good is this shot?

Flipping brilliant I think you’ll agree. From a recent South Australia v Tasmania cup game at the Adelaide Oval

Eden Gardens, Kolkata

I liked this. In the distance, a vast cricket stadium. In the foreground, three makeshift stumps, a brick (a very short first slip, or an even sillier silly point) and a muddy pitch.

Eden Gardens, Kolkata

A beige haka

How should the ardent fan prepare to watch a game of cricket? Donning your most disgustingly beige kit and doing a haka, of course:

Beige Haka

Queenstown Event Centre


Originally uploaded by loadedbeat.

How can such a glibly named venue as this be the stage for such stunning scenery? New Zealand has a habit of dreadful names: Basin Reserve, anyone?

Now wouldn’t be the most appropriate time to mention my Grandparents and family hail from those shores…so I won’t.

Grim Reaper – RIP Australian Cricket

Grim Reaper

Originally uploaded by shotbygrant.

I’m not sure what the point to this photo is, or who took it, or anything. But it had to be posted, really.