Packed crowds at Bisham

Ali Khurshid has taken a few cricket shots in the past – this was shot in Bisham, in Pakistan. Terrific shot, but not quite as good as his offering earlier this year (same location, see below).

Spectators at a Cricket Match in Bisham

ali khurshid.

A Cricket Match In Bisham

Cricket in the foothills of a mountain

Bit of a photography fiend, me, and this shot combines both my passions: landscape photography and cricket. Just look at it for God’s sake! The ground, for want of a better description, is at Sannox, on the Isle of Arran but yet again, the poor old Sannox team were left waiting by their Glasgow opponents. The local rag, The Arran Voice, said the team were “rightly cheesed off”.

Harmison and his blind guide dog

While his master leads the England bowling attack, Steve Harmison’s dog, Magoo, participates in the British Dog Agility Championships.

Via Patrick and Pootergeek.

England unchanged

So England announce an unchanged lineup. No change there. I’ve not a lot else to add since I’ve been incarcerated in Devon enjoying things other than cricket, like the beach, and have read precisely nothing. So I just thought I’d pop my head in and say hello.

Hello. The blog will (should) be redesigned in a week or so thanks to Arun, a genius in India who’s kindly taken on the mantle. Anyway, well done everyone.

Start Point lighthouse, South Hams, Devon

The Phillip Schofield report

It’s not Ken – it’s Phil. Phillip Schofield, king of daytime television, is the man behind the Schofield Report according to shocking revelations from Mike.

The ECB have been covering it up all this time – and there is increasing evidence that Fern Britton, Schofield’s partner in crime, might also have been involved in the report. The future of English cricket is in the hands of two people with Colgate-fixed smiles.

Here’s the truth

Cricket = action = art

An interesting new blog I’ve been reading run by a New Zealander, Marty, who is photoshopping cricket photos. The blog? “Cricket = action = art”. There are now a hell of a lot of cricket blogs out there, all doing pretty much the same thing, so it’s encouraging to see someone concentrate on a different topic and angle. Here’s one he did of Prior

Watching cricket on Ceefax

Remember a screen like this?

Ceefax page 340

Ceefax was the lifeline most tragic cricket fans relied on, and Rod reminds me just what an invaluable tool it was. 341 was always on in our house. “Don’t change the channel, I’m watching the cricket!” I remember sprinting home from school when Mike Atherton and Jack Russell did the unthinkable, and was amazed to see both their names in white at stumps. Ah, great days they were. Ceefax has gone all interactive and flashy, nowadays (does look pretty good though, I admit).

Some geek’s put up the whole Ceefax, live, on t’interweb. Knock yourselves out.

Infatuated by Robert Key

King Cricket is mad as a box of frogs. Insane. His blog is required reading for this fact alone, though his increasing infatuation with Robert Key suggests the men in white (no, not the umpires) will come a’knockin’ quite soon.

Robert Key

The above photo is actually a brilliant piece of photoshoppage from Mike, who’s done similar excellent wizardry before.

Less adept but even funnier is this attempt:

Box. Frogs. Lots of both.

The rules of cricket…in French

This landed in my inbox this evening: the French rules of cricket, including the modes of dismissal. Or rather, “les suivants d’eliminations” (I think):

The French rules of cricket

I like lbw (obstruction) and hit-wicket (autodestruction). Download the PDF for more.

Photos of Australia’s World Cup parade in Sydney

If you can stomach it, Matt Sterne has taken some photos of the Australian winners in Sydney.