England on the verge of cancelling Zimbabwe tour

England, as has been announced in the newswires, has cancelled their flight to Harare. They took a flight from Namibia to Johannesburg where they will now be sat twiddling their thumbs.

What next? Surely the tour is on the verge of being cancelled now. But what an utter mess – a sad day for Cricket and sport in general.

England v Namibia (match 1)

England started “ok” against Namibia. Considering it was their first match for several weeks, I think they did okay. But, as Scyld Berry commented recently, Anderson really needs to start performing as a new-ball bowler. (thankfully I think he’s done just that today in the 2nd match).

Scorecard here

England arrive in Namibia

Perhaps they tried to beat David Boon’s beer record on the flight….look far too happy

Anderson and Giles smiling.  It's not on.