India vs Sri Lanka, West Indies vs Ireland

India go out of the 2007 World Cup if they don’t win tonight’s fixture against Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Super 8′s start early, with West Indies and Ireland having already qualified in their group; the winner gets a flying start in the main section of the tournament.

I’ll be blunt though and say that my enthusiasm for the 2007 World Cup has been diminished by the tragic murder of Bob Woolmer. It was bad enough when I heard that the house of Mahendra Singh Dhoni had been burnt down by demented Indian fans, and it was made much worse when I heard that Woolmer had died. But murder? The Aussie Rules season starts next weekend, and I’ll probably pay attention to that more then the cricket. Footy players get pretty badly bruised from time to time, but they don’t get murdered for their efforts.

How about you? Is cynicism overwhelming your enjoyment of the cricket?

Bob Woolmer was murdered

Bob Woolmer was murdered last Sunday and died of asphyxia by manual strangulation, Jamaica police have confirmed.

A crushing revelation. The death was shocking enough – but murder? Full coverage of this dreadful news at Cricinfo.

RIP Bob Woolmer

Update: he was murdered

Tragedy has struck the 2007 World Cup with the death today of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer. Woolmer was famous for his coaching roles but he was a doughty Test player in his own right, standing up to the powerful Australian bowling attacks of the 1970s. Cricinfo have put up an obituary.

The murder of Lauren Pilkington-Smith

Only a tenuous link to cricket – the murder of this poor girl, who had been playing cricket in the summer. We live in a sickeningly awful world, don’t we?