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Adam Gilchrist is very clever!

A number of Australia’s senior players were understood to have agreed to the prank as a one-off on the second day of the first Test against Bangladesh, to hit broadcasters in the hip pocket.

Television executives do not take kindly to free on-air advertising, and it was a clever tactic of Gilchrist to name team sponsors.

He was overhead saying “Get one for the boys at Travelex” or “Phone home on 3 Mobile” during play.

But the most clearly audible plug was heard after Andrew Symonds, nicknamed Roy, fired in a throw.

“That’s the one, Roy,” Gilchrist enthused.

“Plenty of energy … from a … Milo energy bar.”

A Cricket Australia spokesman said the players had concerns over the volume of stump mikes.

“It is the second Test in a row that (Australia) team manager Steve Bernard has requested the International Cricket Council match referee to ensure the international protocol of stump mikes are turned down when the ball is dead, and only turned back up when the bowler is at his run-up,” he said.

That is a clever tactic by Gilchrist to force the hand of television broadcasters. It would be nice to think that what is said on the field is all good clean stuff, but sadly this is not so, and probably never was so. International Cricket has always been played at a fairly intense level.

Subcontinental upset set sub-editors into frenzy

What’s the best headline for a cricket story you’ve seen lately? My local paper, the Adelaide Advertiser, has come up with a good one with “Delight as minnow turns into piranha“, and if Australia does not turn things around, I’m sure there will be plenty more.

(Will: how about this?!)

Cricket is the new football

(England v Australia, Third Test, Old Trafford)

Excellent newspaper and media round-up by my Cricinfo colleague par excellence, Jenny Thompson, including such gems as:

More prosaically, The Times reported that England cricket shirts are outselling football strips across the country, and even reported on a 20% upsurge in sales of cucumber, scones and tea: “all staple ingredients for a good afternoon tea at the cricket, suggesting newcomers to the sport enjoy all aspects associated with watching it”.

Cricket on TV and Radio

There’re a few cricket-related things on TV (UK) and Radio in the next week which you might want to make a note of:

Batting for Hemmingway, by Mike Atherton, Thursday 19th, 11.30-1200, BBC Radio 4

Trivia Test Match, a re-run from 1992 about the rules of cricket, Friday 12.30, BBC7

Guyana: Trouble in Paradise
about Guyana, and the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies, Sunday, 01.45am, BBC4 (TV)

The Cricket Show: – it’s the only Cricket show on UK TV, so it’s worth watching, but – God – is it painful viewing or what? Channel 4, Sunday morning at 7.55 (not sure if that’s morning or evening – probably morning, knowing C4)