Cricket, the new cologne

There are no words I can use to describe the horror that is this video. Cricket; the new cologne.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

A biodegradable cricket box

What single requirement do you think a cricket box should meet? Comfortable? If possible. Sturdy? Certainly. Able to withstand a leather cricket ball hurled at it at great velocity? Yes. However, manufacturers have been overlooking the ecological aspect of the cricketer’s best friend: it’s not degreadeable.

So a mad-hatter in Britain (always in Britain) has designed the first eco, biodegradeable box. This is all very inventive and so forth, but who really lies awake at night worrying about these things? Are there a mountain of discarded, lonely, pathetic cricket boxes piled high behind pavilions around the country?

It gets even better. Ben Foster, the mad-hatter, took the box for a test drive – as it were. And it survived…but he was hit in the face by Charlie Shrek.

More nonsense at the BBC.

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Angry India fan kills nephew

There is no doubting India’s obsession/addiction/love for cricket but stories such are these are rare, thankfully so, and a bit disturbing. It’s a bloody game:

Madness for cricket has cost a child his life as his uncle – a police official – banged his head on the floor after India’s loss to Australia on Monday. The Chandigarh police registered a complaint against the relative on Wednesday.


According to the parents of the child, Malkit Singh was watching the crucial Champions Trophy match between India and Australia, played at Mohali near here, in their house in Sector 30 and had an argument with other family members over India’s poor show in cricket.

In a fit of rage, he picked up the child and banged his head two-three times on the floor. Before the child’s family could react to save the child, the damage had been done.

More at DNA.

The beer worm at Headingley

Even Getty were photographing this during the third Test at Headingley. Cricket: it really is the new football…

(video link)

Did I miss something? I certainly did!

Sorry to the masses of readers reader who wanted an open thread about the South Africa vs New Zealand Test in Cape Town, which started last night. I’m not as overworked as Will is, although I am quite frankly appallingly underpaid. I’m considering holding out posting until Will doubles my salary to be honest. The writers united will never be defeated, we’ll just hold out for the draw.

 Anyway, Stephen Fleming got a century last night, which is a rare or special moment for him. I can’t think of a finer batsman in world cricket who is SO bad at converting good starts into centuries. So I really hope he goes on with it. His innings held together New Zealand’s innings on the opening day after South Africa won the toss and sent them in. New Zealand are 265 for 6, and if Fleming and the tail can nurdle out another 100 runs, they will be well set for this Test match.

 Neil Manthrope discusses the schedule. I want you, dear readers, to discuss New Zealand’s chances of getting to 400, and what a fair salary for me is. Should I hold out for groupies?


South Africa chase down 435 to beat Australia

Nothing to add. South Africa have just chased down 435 to win a game of cricket. 434 was the highest score a few hours ago, broken now by South Africa. Andrew Miller’s bulletin will be up soon, so go and read that, the scorecard, and whatever. Ahhh, it’s a great game is cricket!

1000 Murali wickets

I think it was Courtney Walsh who first broke through the 500-Test barrier and, at the time, I remember feeling utterly amazed that anyone could have got so far. I was equally doubtful that anyone would ever better it. Since then, Shane Warne and Muttiah Muraliatharan have waltzed past it as though it were nothing; Warne broke past 600 at Old Trafford in the summer. Today, though, Murali has gone past 1000 international wickets! It makes Walsh’s effort look pitiful and feeble*

Rather appropriately, his 100th wicket was controversial: “Khaled Mashud was given out caught when the ball only hit his pad” (S.Rajesh / Cricinfo)

* I am, of course, joking. It’s all very well for these glitzy spinners to take hundreds of wickets, but it’s all the more incredible for a fast bowler to manage it.

Shahid Afridi’s hundred v India

Just seen this on ceefax. Pakistan have declared on 679 for 7 with Afridi, 103, hitting 27 from one over. Freak!

Something worrying is happening

Something worrying is happening. A group of girls are chatting, rather obsessively, about Kevin Pietersen. 200 comments and counting. I posted my thoughts on KP after his one-day exploits in South Africa…8 months ago, and they’re still chatting.


PS: You’d think while chatting, they could at least click on a few ads to make me a bob or two!

England WIN The Ashes!!

England WIN The Ashes!! Can you believe it? 18 years England has waited – a lifetime, for some, like me. And, finally, they’re back with us. Far too busy at Cricinfo, but maybe tomorrow I’ll have something intelligable to say.

Enjoy and savour this moment; it’s been the best series in cricket, ever.