Selling kidneys to watch the cricket

Would you sell your one of your kidneys to watch your team in the Caribbean? No, nor me.

An Indian man is selling a kidney so he can afford to watch the World Cup Cricket tournament.
Garment salesman Sarun Sharma, of Jamshedpur, is hoping to raise about £3,500 for one of his kidneys, so he can travel to the West Indies to watch the cricket.

Any prospective buyer will have to pay for the organ in advance and will receive the kidney on his return.
Sharma, 23, said: “I am really serious. I am prepared to give one of my kidneys in lieu of money, as I want to go to West Indies to see India playing in the World Cup.

“What’s wrong with the offer? I know several people who are living with one kidney. “My family cannot afford to fulfil my wishes.”

I hope for the sake of the buyer that Mr Sharma doesn’t drink himself, and his kidneys, stupid…