Musings on Kenya

Jambo, winners. If there was any doubt that I had landed in the wrong country, it all came hurrying back to me as I handed over the best part of £50 to the Croatian taxi driver just now. Welcome back to Britain.

Jet-lagged frustrations aside, Kenya was absolutely bloody incredible. Go there immediately. And the cricket was impressive too, particularly from Kenya. More on that later. In fact, more on all of that later. I have enough presents and crap to start a small shop – really mmmmmarvellous merchandise there. Super stuff all round.

And what’s all this “England in one-day win shocker” malarkey about? I dismissed the first text message I received as a wind-up. The sender of the second was clearly cavorting with the first. But I couldn’t ignore the third, from a colleague (aloha Gnasher). Even after spending two weeks laughing (understandably) at my too frequent bowel movements in Africa, he wouldn’t lie about England winning a one-dayer…particularly a final. If anyone has highlights on DVD, send this way…asante sana.

Expect more Swahili (or Sheng, the new dialect: Swahili, English and Hindu) shortly. Karibu! Here’s a photo.

Cheetah in Masai Mara