‘As useless as a Jamaican pathologist’

Not my words but those of Jeremy Clarkson. I get all sorts of news stories emailed to me by Google, and pick up a lot from Newsnow, so I was confused that a piece in the Motoring section of The Times was flagged as cricket. And then I saw the pull-quote. Trust Clarkson to be (one of) the first to make a cheap jibe. He’s good for a laugh is Jezza.

Live chat: New Zealand v Sri Lanka, 1st Semi-Final, Jamaica

So, after weeks of play, we’ve finally made it to the first semi-final back where Pakistan exited the competition in such spectacular fashion. We can only hope, after such a long wait, that both this match and that at the Beausejour Stadium tomorrow, offer good, tight contests.

But whatever happens, you can watch the scorecard and commentary at Cricinfo, and chat about it here.

Bermuda cricket photo – Stanford 20/20

A terrific photo from Flickr user antiguan of a recent Stanford 20/20 between Jamaica and Bermuda

Harmison’s 7-12

I sat down in front of the fire this afternoon (chilly here – just above freezing) and put on a DVD I bought highlighting England’s tour of the West Indies this year. What a great buy! I’m a huge fan of Steve Harmison – he has a similar awe-inspiring effect on me as Curtly Ambrose did 10 years ago, when I first started watching cricket.


It was brilliant watching Harmison’s performance in the First Test in Kingston – 7 for 12! 7 wickets for 12 runs. 12 runs conceded for 7 wickets. No matter how you put it, it’s an amazing statistic – this is against the West Indies in the West Indies; the same place where England were bowled out for 46, ironically 10 years almost to the day! This time round, it was their turn – and they made just one run more