It is too late for a firesale

Adam Gilchrist has called for cut priced tickets to help fill the stadiums and create some atmosphere in the remaining fixtures.

“You come to the Caribbean to experience that unique atmosphere that is Caribbean cricket,” Gilchrist told AFP. “There certainly is an element of the sterile feel about it. I don’t know whether that’s because administration hasn’t let it flow or whether people just aren’t turning up. It’s a little bit frustrating.”

Restrictions on what items can be taken into the stadiums, ticket prices and the poor form of West Indies – not to mention India and Pakistan’s exits – have not helped the situation. “Whatever the [pricing] policy is at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be working,” Gilchrist said.

“So maybe we can look at dropping the price and have a sale. I know retailers with over-stocked merchandise certainly have a sale every year … maybe that’s something we can look at.”

A nice idea but I fear it is too late now for that sort of thing. The West Indies cricket public are knowledgeable and they know a red-herring when they see one. In many ways, the 2007 World Cup has already flopped.

There has been some good to come out of this tournament; the rise of Bangladesh, the splendid surprise of Ireland, and the excellence of Sri Lanka and Australia. But as  Jack Warner put it, it has not been a World Cup of the people.  And that has doomed it from the start. And the next tournament is in India and Pakistan. What chance that is going to be any better?