Twenty20 Champions League

Momentum is gathering for an international Twenty20 Champions League to take place involving teams from India, Australia, England and South Africa. This could be an interesting way to expand the game and also it would provide much needed financial stimulus to first-class teams, although there might be pressure on to include privately owned franchises as well.

I personally don’t care that much for the ultra-short version of the game, but as something that keeps the game in the public eye it can’t be a bad thing. What could be a bad thing is the conflict between first class teams and international boards over the availability of International players.

The joker in the pack is the Indian Cricket League. We live in interesting times!

£100,000 for six weeks work: welcome to ICL

The rollercoaster that is the Indian Cricket League continues to gather momentum, and news reaches me from Dougie Brown, commentating on Test Match Special this afternoon, that some players have been offered in excess of £100,000 for their participation. An extraordinary sum of money.

But all this amounts to very little when you consider that the BCCI own all the grounds in India and therefore have banned any ICL match from taking place at any of their venues. Just where is this ICL heading, and at what cost to the game in India?

Shameless self-promotion post

I’ve started up a more generic Australian minded sports blog which will house cricket minded posts that have me coming off a longer run up then is usual for here. I’ll still be posting here; it’s just that the essays will go up at my new site. I’ve opened the batting with a long post about how the proposed Indian Cricket League might impact on Australian cricket.