KP not about cricket

If you search for Kevin Pietersen on Google, the fourth or fifth link takes you to the that post where dozens of adoring female fans claim their love for him.

» The Kevin Pietersen factor » The Corridor Of Uncertainty (a

On the boundary-edge of the corridor of uncertainty. It’s about Cricket. – Similar pages

Ironic, then, that on Google it comes up as “On the boundary-edge of the corridor of uncertainty. It’s about Cricket.” when all the comments have absolutely nothing to do with his cricket whatsoever! All gone very quiet over there…fickle lot

Craving news of Trescothick

It’s remarkable. Marcus Trescothick is still the most searched-for keyword on this site, and the biggest referrer from Google; people are gagging to hear of his personal life. People type in all sorts of crap into google. “Where is Marcus Trescothick?” “Marcus Trescothick wife marriage.” “trescothick breakdown” etc. It’s this lust for news of fallen heroes…he’s just a normal bloke who plays cricket, yet people are far more interested in his personal life!

Sir Donald Bread Man

I know it’s April 1, but I promise this is true – if you look at my stats you can see what people type into Google when they arrive here. And someone from Pakistan typed Donald Bread Man! Ahhh, that’s made my week.

Easily amused from London town…

Google search box

I’ve added a Google search box at the bottom of each page, as the site’s search thing doesn’t really work, and Google know a thing or two about searching for stuff. So there you go.

Wot shd i get my girlfreinds 4 xmas?

I hope you’re impressed with my title: Wot shuld i get my girlfreinds 4 xmas? That’s my attempt at the language of the new world. If you’re gagging for more – and by that, I meant the language (innit), you dirty, filthy-minded individual – try and decipher the Kevin Pietersen Post. And yes, I’ve capitalised Post for this reason alone: over 1200 comments have been left by his “fans,” whose admirable delusions of hope hold no boundaries. Or fours. Or even sixes. And apologies for that last pun.

Anyway, the reason for this post – the last for a while I should imagine – is that someone arrived to this blog by searching the following phrase in Google: “brilliant christmas presents for girlfreinds

Quite aside from the fact they arrived, rather disappointingly for them, at a cricket blog – not to mention the misspooooling – I find it equally hilarious that anyone should be looking for “brilliant” xmas presents for their “girlfreinds” on the internet…

T’ra for now.

Oddities – and “four to zero”

Received an email from “John Smith” (he wishes to remain anonymous!) showing me this link to Google Video, in which someone (I guess from Google News) mentions England’s Ashes victory. It’s right at the end of the clip, to save you listening all the way through it. The only remarkable thing was listening to the American say “Australia, who were four to zero (4-0) at the close”, which raised a smile.

It’s all very odd.

How did you find this blog?

OK, question: how did you find this blog? I know I was featured on the BBC, along with every other cricket blog, and the Guardian have also ‘found’ us…but nearly 1500 people have come here today, and I haven’t even blogged anything [much]. How is this happening? Who are you, and where do you come from? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES! (seriously…I’d quite like to know, out of curiosity. Did you come from Google, or another search engine, or a blog, or where?)

Ta all, and “hello” to all the new readers.

Google’s Indian googly

From the Google blog:

Who says things never leave beta at Google? Our Hyderabad office is formally opening today after a mere nine months. This is where we help AdWords clients run their campaigns. We also have a QA team to ensure Google product quality, and run all of the support functions for our operations throughout India. Like any other Google office, lava lamps and colored balls abound; unlike other offices, we have Indian food for lunch every day. Perhaps most important, we have launched the first chapter of the International Google Cricket Club, where the preferred delivery is, naturally, a googly. If you’re in the area, we’re always looking for more smart Googlers.