Bowled by a girl

I was bowled by a girl on Saturday. I am sure it is sexist of me to make a distinction, but there is still a certain stigma attached to it, which most males will attest to. As it happens, the girl who bowled me plays for Devon and fielded brilliantly throughout our innings. Her bowling was a bit short, but that delivery nipped in off a good length and went through my swinging gate. Of course, my ‘friends’ in the pavilion celebrated louder than the opposition.

Is this all wrong? I genuinely don’t know. It is so rare that we play against women that it is never usually an issue. But somehow it is always an issue whenever we do. Men tend to react in two different ways to this scenario. They either get nervous, because they know that if they get out or get creamed round the ground, their team-mates will remember it for ever. But if they hit her out the park or get her out, they will get no credit for it.

The other reaction is to come over all patronising and bowl really slowly or just pat the ball back. This tends to backfire if the lady in question is better than they are. Given the standard among the men is so varied in village cricket, there is no reason why women of all levels shouldn’t be involved, but somehow I can see that being resisted by what is a male-dominated sport. Perhaps most women would prefer to leave us competitive men to beat our chests and measure egos for six hours, while they do something else more productive.

Am I simply being a sexist oaf who should get over it already and stop wittering? Do lady players find opposition blokes patronising or do they relish the challenge of making them look stupid? Do other guys have the same views? Have you been cleaned up or smacked about by a girl? Is there perhaps a girl who leads your club’s attack or scores lots of runs against the men? Is it more common in other countries? Is this the same in other sports? Help me out here.

Bikini cricket unravelled

Just got home and checked my email. On the blog, I saw a Google advert for Bikini Cricket. “You’ve never seen cricket like this before!” it exclaims, although it surely deserved at least two exclamation marks. And given the dark days English cricket finds itself in at the moment, it’d be wrong to ignore such frivolity. Therefore, I present England’s answer to their wicketkeeping conundrum:

A bikini-clad wicketkeeper

Don’t think I’m stopping there. Talking of stopping…

Bikini stunner fielding

And who needs Trescothick? Here’s our new opener:

England's new bikini opener

There’s even a video! Dear God, has it come to this? “No man knows till the time comes,” wrote Charles Dickens, “what depths are within him.”

More near-nakedness at their site.

Slinky Minki the fans’ favourite WAG

Sorry to lower the tone to such levels, but apparently Graeme Smith’s bit-on-the-side, Minki van der Westhuizen – Slinky Minki to some – has topped a poll of fans’ favourite WAGs. She has won the inaugural International Cricket Cutie Trophy organised by our good friends at Stick Cricket.

“Minki is a cricket fan’s dream woman. She’s sleek, sexy and with a successful career to boot,” Chris Berry, Stick Cricket’s director said. “Cricketers attract a finer class of WAG. While football is a game for chaps copping off with Chavs, cricket is a game for gentlemen going out with goddesses.”

Definitely a contender for quote-of-the-week. If you don’t know who Minki is, here she is:

Photo of Slinki Minki

Three-in-a-bed romp


Originally uploaded by Flickr user seannarae.

What, dear readers, does this have to do with cricket? I don’t know, but yowzas! Before any women start jumping down my throat complaining of sexism, I quite innocently found this on Flickr looking for cricket photos…so, there’s my excuse.

Girls from South Africa

That ought to get the punters reading! Tony Greig, commentating on South Africa against Australia:

The most beautiful girls in the world come from South Africa. And that’s from Shane Warne…he should know.

Tony’s an utter legend

Girl’s Cricket

The BBC’s Sport Academy has some very useful links and contact details for any girls interested in taking up the game