Only Fools and Broadcasters

When I impale myself with a sharp object, I resolve to first, remove the said object, and second, avoid impaling myself in the future.

Brendon Julian, the former Australian all-rounder, takes a different view:

FORMER Test all rounder Brendon Julian has called for a radical overhaul of the “super sub” rule in one-day cricket, suggesting teams use a 14-man squad, with bowling rotations similar to those used in baseball.

Julian said the number of one-day matches on the international schedule put too much strain on players, particularly pacemen, and called on the game’s law-makers to investigate ways of reducing player burnout, starting with an alteration to the 12th man rule in limited-overs games.

At present teams must nominate a super sub before the toss, who can then replace anyone in the starting XI during the match.

The new law has been roundly criticised by international skippers, with Pakistan’s Inzamam-ul-Haq, Australia’s Ricky Ponting and South Africa’s Graeme Smith all pointing out it unfairly advantages the winner of the toss.

However, rather than scrap the rule, Julian has called on the International Cricket Council to expand it to include three potential substitutes, allowing bowlers to be rested when required.

“It was a good idea but the rule isn’t working in its present format,” Julian said.

“I think the best way to go would be to increase one-day squads to 14 and allow teams to make three substitutes throughout matches as they see fit.

Three sharp objects, clearly better then one.

Cricket and April Fools

Suprisingly only found one cricket-related April Fools so far…

‘We are good enough to handle the pressure’

‘We are good enough to handle the pressure’

Just what is Ray on about this time?

“There’s no such thing as a flat wicket, just as there’s no such thing as an easy catch.”

“It takes a lot more to get this South African side down”

“We see 250 runs in 80 overs for one wicket as a positive.”

“The way Kallis is playing, he can chase the target [150-400] himself.”

“I think Strauss’s youth adds value to the package”

Ray Jennings, ladies and gentlemen…