Notes from the pavilion for October 20th

Links of note from the past 24 hours:

Clarke imitating Bradman’s one-stump trick

Not so much a trick as his actual training method when he was a youngster. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Clarke is featured in the latest TV commercial in Australia doing it. If anyone has a video, or link, do share.

FIRST it was The Don. Now it is Pup’s turn. Michael Clarke has emulated Donald Bradman’s golf-ball-and-stump practice technique in Cricket Australia’s new television advertising campaign promoting the 2007-08 season.

In the first television ad of the “Hungry for it” campaign, Clarke replicates the famous footage of The Don sharpening his skills by throwing a golf ball at the base of a water tank and batting it back and forth with a stump – just as he did as a child in Bowral. Cricket Australia said the campaign focused on the new breed of stars who were steering Australian cricket into the future.

Clarke, who still uses the technique to fine-tune his batting, said he was honoured to be featured in the advertisement.

The Don at night

A great photo of the statue of Donald Bradman in Adelaide. Incidentally, Patrick recently wrote about big Donny B in his Dimly fades the Don post:

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the numbers of people visiting the Bradman Museum in the Don’s birthplace of Bowral has slumped from 85,000 a year in the late 1990s to about 40,000 now. Reduced income and rising costs have led to the museum’s founding director, Richard Mulvaney, stepping down on Friday after 17 years in charge.

The Don...


Sir Donald Bread Man

I know it’s April 1, but I promise this is true – if you look at my stats you can see what people type into Google when they arrive here. And someone from Pakistan typed Donald Bread Man! Ahhh, that’s made my week.

Easily amused from London town…