Ganguly v Chappell poll results

58 people voted, and 78% thought Ganguly was in the wrong. Bloody useless poll, but there we go. I’m putting up a new one now, which is at the top of the main page.

Slater slams Gilchrist (for six)

Apologies for the irresistible tabloid-style title – SLATER SLAMS GILCHRIST FOR SIX. It’s worth a read

He mentions the following:

Being a cricketer you’re in an unreal world and you’re living an unreal lifestyle. There is no other sport that takes you away from your family like it does

I don’t think cricket fans truly appreciate how long the tours are, for today’s professional cricketers. Before aeroplanes existed, ships were the way to travel (I’ve been trying to find any references to how long the journey took – please let me know if you can help. I ought to know this as my Grandpa left NZ for England in the 20s…) – but with the amount of cricket played these days, players are away from their families more and more. Slater and, not long ago, Graham Thorpe are two victims of cricket-divorce and won’t be the last.

Steve Harmison has never been a good traveller, and this latest interview makes for interesting – if worrying – reading. The journalist tries to dispel any fears fans might have of Harmison not allowing the home-sickness to affect his performances, but doesn’t succeed. Perhaps we should all email him

And below is a pic of Slater at his very best…he was one of the first “pinch hitters” – well, in my opinion of course – in world cricket, part of a generation who upped a gear…3/over? No thanks – we’ll take 4 or 5 please!

Zimbabwe tour back on

Looks like England’s tour of Zimbabwe is back on.

The Zimbabwe government said it had lifted the ban and blamed the delay on insufficient information being provided by the journalists.

[via BBC]

What information was delayed? One of the most confusing and ridiculous things about this media ban was Mugabe didn’t refuse The Daily Mail. They’ve been one of the most aggressive and leading anti-Mugabe newspapers – perhaps Mr Mugabe confused the amount of content being written about his regime/govenment as being complimentary.

England on the verge of cancelling Zimbabwe tour

England, as has been announced in the newswires, has cancelled their flight to Harare. They took a flight from Namibia to Johannesburg where they will now be sat twiddling their thumbs.

What next? Surely the tour is on the verge of being cancelled now. But what an utter mess – a sad day for Cricket and sport in general.

ECB & ICC hold responsibility

Well, the rumblings of the Eng-Zim tour “rumble” on this morning. Jonathan Agnew is obviously quite bitter at having been banned entering Zimbabwe, and makes some interesting comments on his BBC column:

No one has run a more vehement anti-Zimbabwe campaign over several years than the Daily Mail, yet all three journalists from that organisation who applied for accreditation have been accepted!

I can’t even find it amusing any longer – this HAS TO BE CALLED OFF. It’s amoral, wrong and damaging English Cricket. Tony Blair and the British Government say it’s down to the ECB and ICC – how can it be? They’re Cricket authorities, not political departments.

On a similar note, I’m sure I read recently that England have been “forced” to host Zim for a Test series. I’ll have to do some digging, can’t find the link, but I’m sure I read this.