Bad luck Herschelle. Getting abused is part of the cricketer’s lot

What do readers think about the two-Test ban that was given to Herschelle Gibbs today? I think that given all the circumstances, match referee Chris Broad got it about right. It is simply not on for players to lose their cool when there’s a stump microphone about, regardless of the provocation.

It is odd that a South African of all people should fall for this sort of trap, but there you go.

And commendations to the South African ground authorities for chucking out the Pakistani fans who were abusing the South African players. Crowd behaviour world-wide is an absolute disgrace, and there’s not a country in the cricketing world that hasn’t had problems with this regard, particularly with one-day internationals. It’s a fact of cricketing life that has long been accepted that players from the away side are going to cop vociferous abuse from the fans; now that travel is becoming cheaper, home players are starting to get verbally abused as well.

This is the downside to the globetrotting cricketer’s lifestyle, and it is something that the players will just have to get used to.