Shane Warne’s new TV advert


He was an expert at bamboozling England’s batsmen, but now Shane Warne is set to leave viewers flummoxed in a new TV advert.

The spin legend spent hours in make-up to appear as a baby and also as his own mum and dad.

Warne said: “It was a hoot. I absolutely loved doing the ads.”

Do leave a comment if you’ve seen it or, better, have a link to it.

Bill Lawry: it’s backyard cricket war

Any excuse to put up a video involving Bill Lawry, the most impersonated man at Cricinfo Towers. Ford, who sponsor all Cricket Australia vehicular needs, are declaring “Backyard Cricket War” on the country. I’m not quite sure what that means, but there are two videos to show featuring Michael Clarke, Andrew Symonds, Mike Hussey…and Matthew Hayden in an apron.

Look out for Bill’s cameo at the end of the second.


As ever, visit the site if you can’t see the videos above.[via]

Video of Shahid Afridi’s 32 from 18

One in four people coming to this blog do so to find Shahid Afridi information. What makes this all the more unsettling is that I hardly ever mention the big winner but, to satisfy those of you who hunger for his news, here’s a video:

A champion winner if ever there was one.

Harbhajan and Symonds find resolution

I don’t know why but Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds appear to have settled their differences. They’ve hooked up with a couple of lady friends and decided that the best way to resolve their spat is with a damn good dance. Click here if you can’t see it below (takes a while to load).

Notes from the pavilion for October 20th

Links of note from the past 24 hours:

Clarke imitating Bradman’s one-stump trick

Not so much a trick as his actual training method when he was a youngster. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Clarke is featured in the latest TV commercial in Australia doing it. If anyone has a video, or link, do share.

FIRST it was The Don. Now it is Pup’s turn. Michael Clarke has emulated Donald Bradman’s golf-ball-and-stump practice technique in Cricket Australia’s new television advertising campaign promoting the 2007-08 season.

In the first television ad of the “Hungry for it” campaign, Clarke replicates the famous footage of The Don sharpening his skills by throwing a golf ball at the base of a water tank and batting it back and forth with a stump – just as he did as a child in Bowral. Cricket Australia said the campaign focused on the new breed of stars who were steering Australian cricket into the future.

Clarke, who still uses the technique to fine-tune his batting, said he was honoured to be featured in the advertisement.

Freakish run-outs

This is extraordinary:

(click here if you can’t see it above). Seen any good run-outs? Post your links in the comments below

Twenty20 video highlights: Yuvraj Singh goes bonkers, again

Some highlights for those who haven’t seen them of Yuvraj going a trifle berserk against Australia in the second semi-final. 70 from 30 balls! What game is this?

Click here if you can’t see the mayhem. It’s really quite massive.

Video highlights of Yuvraj Singh’s filthy six sixes

Filthy, disgustingly massive sixes these. Just have a look how far they go.

Gluttons for punishment who can’t see the above video should click here. Furthermore, read Cricinfo’s comms of his innings.