England v West Indies, 2nd Test, Headingley, 3rd day

It seems unlikely that there’ll be much play today, if any. However, with England in such a strong position, they might not need many overs to wrap the game up. Follow the weather on cricinfo, and if I’ve got the HTML right, here’s Ceefax

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England v West Indies, 2nd Test, Headingley, 1st day

Welcome back Michael Vaughan. 18 months since he last played a Test and Cricinfo’s headline – Vaughan returns to a changed world – rather says it all. Come on Michael, work your magic on this new England team. We’re on comms for Cricinfo so keep an eye on the scorecard, and leave your thoughts in the comments. And here’s a retro-view for you – Ceefax! Refresh to get the latest score.

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Watching cricket on Ceefax

Remember a screen like this?

Ceefax page 340

Ceefax was the lifeline most tragic cricket fans relied on, and Rod reminds me just what an invaluable tool it was. 341 was always on in our house. “Don’t change the channel, I’m watching the cricket!” I remember sprinting home from school when Mike Atherton and Jack Russell did the unthinkable, and was amazed to see both their names in white at stumps. Ah, great days they were. Ceefax has gone all interactive and flashy, nowadays (does look pretty good though, I admit).

Some geek’s put up the whole Ceefax, live, on t’interweb. Knock yourselves out.