Who should be England’s new one-day captain?

I think we all saw this coming, and it’s a timely decision for England’s one-day team.

“Since our disappointing performances in the World Cup, I have been giving careful consideration as to what is the best way forward for the England one-day team and my own role within the side,” said Vaughan in an ECB statement. “I reached this decision some time ago, but I did not want to announce it until after the end of this Test series to avoid it becoming a distraction to the team.

“However, due to intense speculation in the media about my future, I feel it is important to make my intentions clear now. Our priority is to build a one-day squad able to compete strongly at the next World Cup, and I firmly believe that the interests of the team will be best served if I step down and allow another player to gain additional experience of captaincy in the one-day international arena.

But who should replace him? Paul Collingwood is favourite. Who is your choice?

Honestly, Michael

Just read the piece on Cricinfo about Michael Vaughan implying that the Fredalo incident ruined England’s chances at the World Cup and it got me thinking. There has been plenty written in the last few months that Vaughan should not be skipper; his ego hurts the team; he’s not worth his place etc etc. While his classy hundred against the Windies at Headingley may have bought a little respite from the nay-sayers, it wouldn’t take much for them to get tetchy again.

What this article tells me is that he is still the right man for the job. Vaughan is basically saying that Fred was a bloody idiot and messed it up for everyone by attracting every tabloid paper to the hotel lobby. Fair enough, he did. He also went on to criticise himself and admit that his ODI record sucks. It does. But given how guarded interviews tend to be nowadays until the sportsman has retired, this was pretty candid. A new skipper might not have been so forthright, but Vaughan is about the only one who can say boo to a goose like Freddy or his buddy Harmy for that matter. And we need those two loons back to full throttle if we’re going to threaten the Aussies next time round. Which, if I’m really really honest with myself, is all that matters in the longterm. Vaughan, 32, is still the man to do that.

As for ODIs, I would let him continue as skipper. I’ll admit I am a big fan of his (the Michael Vaughan extra cover drive marks the start of my summer), so this is subjective as ever, but given nobody else is nailing down a place in the top three, what harm is he doing….?

It’s tough at the top (or maybe just too damn frustrating)

It’s not been a good year for captaincy. England was a case in point last autumn, with the job apparently hinged on how much of a tantrum the ‘lead’ bowler would throw if his mate wasn’t given it. In November, Chris Adams decided to take on more responsibility at Yorkshire, and seemed to get cold feet as soon as he’d given the press conference. Heath Streak, with the season but one Championship game old, has decided today that maybe he really isn’t up to the job. It’s okay Heath, I suppose it wasn’t really long enough to make a decision, those six odd months since September.

The World Cup has seen others give up too, most notably Inzamam and Lara following poor team performances. Vaughan may yet be headed the same way, albeit involuntarily, when the shorter format comes around again.

Enter Stephen Fleming, deserved semi-finalist, who has decided to let the one-day role go. Now I’ve not studied the New Zealand captaincy, but my knowledge of English cricket suggests that this is a step onto a slippery slope. Is Fleming feeling the bite of full cricket years after captaining Notts. for two English summers? Unlikely. Judging from his remarks about injecting enthusiasm, it may just be that four World Cups with three semi-final exits are enough to drive anyone away from one-day cricket.

Nicholas goes into bat for Strauss

Mark Nicholas has come out in favour of giving the English captaincy to Andrew Strauss. Before the Ashes series, and how long ago did that seem, there was a clear choice to make for the English selectors- Strauss or Flintoff. They chose the latter and everything went downhill for England from there. This didn’t entirely surprise me- my spies in England had already told me that Flintoff was no great shakes as a leader. But for Strauss, leading this newly minnowed side is going to be a different proposition then the England of late 2006.

If there is to be a change of captain, Strauss does seem the logical candidate. But without a change of coach, it is a job half done.

Wanted: County Captain

Rumours of Chris Adams’ move have been greatly exaggerated. At the beginning of the month, the man who captained Sussex to victory in both the Championship and the C&G Trophy this season was ‘unveiled’ at Headingley, both as Captain and and Director of Pro-Cricket. Whilst this was mildly surprising, it wasn’t earth-movingly so. Test ground clubs, after all, have that bit of extra cash to squander.

Not long ago, it was Younis Khan who faced public embarrassment when he claimed he was to take the role after quitting (somewhat temporarily) the same position for Pakistan. This time, it is Yorkshire who have made the mistake by parading a man who hadn’t yet signed on the dotted line. Considering how closed-lipped counties normally remain over their offers and potential signings, Adams can only have pulled out at an advanced stage of negotiation.

Whilst Sussex are over the moon by all reports, potentially less chuffed might be Murray Goodwin. The Zimbabwean was reported by local paper The Argus to have been interested in the position.

Ponting and Buchanan under fire from Ritchie

God it’s been a tough weekend. Walking on the beach; sitting in the pub, sitting in another pub overlooking another beach; walking on the cliffs overlooking a beach; eating fresh fish in our local pub with a beer and walking the three minutes to our house; walking round Salcombe and eating far too many pasties. I’m exhausted with my gluttonous relaxation. So it’s with tired eyes I read of Greg Ritchie’s bashing of John Buchanan and Ricky Ponting.

If Australia’s coach and captain remain in power, Ritchie thinks England will win the Ashes.

“Australia would win the Ashes if Shane Warne was captain,” Ritchie was quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald. “On the field, he [Ponting] doesn’t know what’s going on. England’s bowlers have our measure.”

Read the full story at Cricinfo then come back here and leave comments.

Who should be in England’s Ashes squad?

It’s very simple: who should be in England’s squad to tour Australia in November? It’s the most important squad announcement since, well, whatever. It’s huge. You get it, we all get it.

Should Jon Lewis get a chance? Has Stuart Broad shown enough? And who will you have as captain; Strauss or Flintoff?

All that kind of thing. I’m not around much today so leave your opinions and let’s work out the squad.

A Question

If England’s cricket is going so well, why is there so much media debate about who should be in the team?

Why, no one can even work out who is going to be the captain in Australia. And let’s not even mention the one-day lineup

Just asking!

74% think Strauss should captain England for the Ashes

Sorry for the tabloid-like headline, but that’s what a hundred or so of you think. The poll continues and I’ll keep it open – and might run it again after The Oval, just to gauge public opinion.

Who should captain England for the Ashes?

Yesterday’s resounding win for England over Pakistan was a triumph for Andrew Strauss. A superb hundred in England’s only innings set them up for a huge total and he captained the side with aggression and spirit, not to mention a great deal of skill. The victory was as much a feather in his cap as England’s. Pleasingly, England have won a series without Andrew Flintoff, without many of their apparent 1st XI, or choice eleven, available. But who should captain England for the Ashes?

Vote below, and leave comments below below (visit the site to vote if you’re reading this via a feed)

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