Australia v England, 4th Test, Melbourne, 3rd day

The third day from Melbourne, and possibly the last. It’s all gone horribly Percy Sonn for England. But who knows? Two spectacular double hundreds from Flintoff and Pietersen, 600 runs in a day to give England a lead of 300ish. It could happen…but only if England have a peek at John Buchanan’s bowling plans…

Chat away

Australia v England, 4th Test, Melbourne

Posted massively in advance. By the time you read this, you’ll all be bursting to the seams with turkey, bread sauce and stuffing – and enough wine to sink a battleship. I’ll be heaving my way from the kitchen to the sitting room to cover the Test, so if you too are a sad loser with nothing better to do on Christmas Day than watch England get a roasting (HONK) or a stuffing (HO HO) or a basting (I’ll stop now), do join us at Cricinfo for full, live, uninterrupted, groundbreaking, turkey-laden coverage!

Vaughan injury worries Aussies?

Well perhaps not – but worries one of them!

No Vaughan no Ashes good people, England must find the nearest hyperbaric chamber and hibernate for the next six months. I cancelled a perfectly good family holiday in Queensland to watch two great teams lock horns in Melbourne on boxing day; i can not and will not settle for anything less!
it’s over to you England………..DO SOMETHING.

Comment of the week by a long shot.

Australia v South Africa, 2nd Test, Melbourne, 1st day

Ah, the Boxing Day Test. Is there a better way to end Christmas for the cricket nut? After an invariably drunken Christmas Eve; a relentlessly gluttonous Christmas Day, Boxing Day is the dry, quiet come-down. The turkey demolished, the presents unwrapped – the complementary walk (I know we’re not the only ones who insist upon it. Perhaps it’s guilt, stemming from our ever bulging stomachs), and the more fastidious members of the family have been tidying up the sitting room as though their lives depend on it. It’s a day of reflection, of sobriety – and of cricket. Apart from the first Test of an English summer, it’s my favourite of the year. And it starts very soon (I’m writing this on the 23rd. See, fans? See the dedication, and honour my commitment!).