Neck and crop

Arun Kale has been beavering away designing the new theme for The Corridor, which you can now see. Huge congrats and thanks to him and we hope you’re as pleased as we are. It’s fresh, new, simple and pretty cool. Thoughts (even complaints) welcome.

Cricket = action = art

An interesting new blog I’ve been reading run by a New Zealander, Marty, who is photoshopping cricket photos. The blog? “Cricket = action = art”. There are now a hell of a lot of cricket blogs out there, all doing pretty much the same thing, so it’s encouraging to see someone concentrate on a different topic and angle. Here’s one he did of Prior

A bit about Michael


I’m very glad to bring to the table my perspective and thoughts on world cricket. In short, I am an Australian living abroad in the USA, approaching 30, attached to a Yankee wife who knows more about cricket than an American should be allowed and have two ‘half-n-half’ children who at times confuse baseball and cricket but wield the willow nonetheless.

I’m a passionate, energetic, one-foot-forward instead of back kind of bloke. Until recently I played cricket for a team which was a 5 hour drive away. If I cannot convince you of my cricket madness through that stat alone nothing will.

Cheers and thanks for having me.

Sarwan and Gayle’s tour diary blog

Ramnaresh Sarwan and Chris Gayle are blogging their Champions Trophy thoughts at Cricinfo, which is worth keeping an eye on. See here.

Imran Khan’s blog

No, not that Imran – West Indies’ media manager Imran. He’s a bit of a photographer and is in India for the Champions Trophy, taking snaps on his time off.

Bob Woolmer’s blog

Bob Woolmer is blogging for us (or for him, I should say) at Cricinfo. Visit Bob’s World.

Cricket is a great game to play and a fun one to comment on. I would like my blog to reflect the views of the playing and coaching fraternity and I will try and cover as many topics as possible. Including Pakistan, drugs in sport, modern training methods for cricketers, the itineraries that put players in the red zone as far as injuries are concerned and to explain the many myths that surround cricketing technique.

Those of you who wish to know more about this game and want to voice their opinion are most welcome to let me know what you are thinking. I will try and address these issues as well as others that occur.

Let’s get “stuck” into the first one!

New cricket blog

Nobok’s Rod Gilmour emailed to let me know of his new/first blog. Rod’s off to Australia to cover the Ashes. Not jealous, not green with envy or anything similar.

Tim de Lisle’s Ashes blog

Tim de Lisle, a former editor of The Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack and columnist for Cricinfo and The Times, is blogging for us at Cricinfo. I’ve been franticly trying to get it ready for Monday and it’s just about ready to rock.

Tim will be writing about the build-up to this winter’s Ashes – and of the series itself, I hope. Should be great so check it out.

Competition from the BBC

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. TMS have finally broken into the 21st century with their first blog. Doubt they even read this one but, whatever…well done them. Let’s see if they can keep it regularly updated though.

I was being churlish when I wrote the title, of course. You can’t compete with eachother on blogs; they are personal and characterised by the writers. Some people will like them, and your style, and some won’t. BBC have one rather large thing in their favour in that a) they have a bit more money than me and b) employ half the western hemisphere. Anyway, rock on. If any of the BBC chaps are reading, drop me a note – I’d be interested to talk.

If you must leave here, to go there, then click here (if that makes sense).

Welcome to The Corridor

Following on from yesterday’s events I’ve decided to surrender to the threats, with a bitter taste in my mouth, so the site is now formally known as The Corridor. In no way is this associated with The Corridor Of Uncertainty; with Andy Clark; with his fanzine, domain or website. It is simply The Corridor, written by me, and I trust the matter is resolved and we can get on with talking about cricket.

Thanks, though, for the mass of emails and advice, although I’m surprised at the number (seven) of lawyers reading this blog! Cricket and law…well I never. Thanks to all who offered advice, and to Norm for putting it on his blog, and I’ll respond to each one in turn as soon as I have a spare minute. Oh and some of the names you offered, in the comments, were stupendously mad and brilliant.