Bikini cricket unravelled

Just got home and checked my email. On the blog, I saw a Google advert for Bikini Cricket. “You’ve never seen cricket like this before!” it exclaims, although it surely deserved at least two exclamation marks. And given the dark days English cricket finds itself in at the moment, it’d be wrong to ignore such frivolity. Therefore, I present England’s answer to their wicketkeeping conundrum:

A bikini-clad wicketkeeper

Don’t think I’m stopping there. Talking of stopping…

Bikini stunner fielding

And who needs Trescothick? Here’s our new opener:

England's new bikini opener

There’s even a video! Dear God, has it come to this? “No man knows till the time comes,” wrote Charles Dickens, “what depths are within him.”

More near-nakedness at their site.