Chris Read hits hundred against Pakistan

Chris Read pulling for four
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Chris Read has hit a hundred against the touring Pakistanis. I wonder whether Geraint Jones rather wishes he was playing for England A to get some practice. When bad light stopped play, Read was unbeaten on 120 (scorecard). Well done that man. I still think Jones will play in the Ashes, rightly or wrongly; the decision (I believe) has been made.

Read, at the very least, should play in the one-day side. On that thoughtful note, I’m off to drink London dry.

Beer, a cricket ball and a remote


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Shuper bit of balancing, that…


Deuchars IPA, the award-winning beer brewed in Edinburgh by The Caledonian Brewing Company, has become The Official Beer of The Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC).

Classic press release. Only a PR person could capitalise The Official Beer. It’s All Very Exciting And Let’s Use As Many Capital Letters As Possible. Nice pint, though. I used to drink it at The William Wallace (intentional capitalisation there) before it joined the rest of London and turned into a sleezy, shiny, hip-and-happening shmooze-fest of a “pub”. Even the blackboard is fake!

Anyway, ranting again. Must stop the ranting…


Once a year, Wormsley, John Paul Getty’s spectacular homemade ground near Henley, plays host to Wisden. Near enough the entire London office converge on the ground, accompanied by a very large number of anonymous corporate people (who we are indebted to; thanks a lot; you pay our wages [insert sycophancy here]). And it was spectacular.

After sampling the sponsor’s beer, Pimms and rum during the afternoon, and finishing it off on the bus home, many Wisden people converged on the nearest pub to Paddington. And come closing time, many had trouble remembering who they were and what they did – nevermind where they lived. I was steaming and it was a brilliant end to a damn fine day out.

Before beer took over the day, I took quite a few photos and will stick them up here once I’ve recovered.

Steve hasn’t lost his snark

Steve Waugh’s in London today, and he was doing a book signing down Canary Wharf ( I think you might have missed it now though.) With all that, he’s been in demand with the press over there wanting his views on the various cricket issues of the day, and also with an eye ahead towards the Ashes.

He’s always worth a read, and he hasn’t lost his trademark aggression. Sometimes it is almost too much, as in this BBC story.

In their 2-1 defeat in England last year, Waugh said: “I thought from the sidelines perhaps they were a little bit too friendly.

“They were using England players’ nicknames in the press and that was something that hadn’t been done before.

“They may have become too familiar to England and lost a bit of mystique.”


“When I first played West Indies we didn’t know much about them, they kept pretty much to themselves and that gave you self doubts on the field,” he explained.

“As you get to know players more you become less intimidated by them.”

Waugh, who is currently in England promoting his autobiography, admitted England had followed the lead set by his teams in being aggressive on and off the field.

“There’s no doubt they followed the blueprint of what we were about. They were very positive in their media talk and pretty aggressive on the field,” he continued.


I actually liked that the two teams liked each other. Crusty old diehards like Waugh might fire up at the thought of bloodied combat unto death, etc, but I rather like the notion of two teams fighting hard and then having a beer together at the end of the day. As to the notion that doing so removes the mystique, the most sociable of Australians is The Great Man, Shane Warne, who drank pots of pints, and took pots of English wickets.

Just because you know and like the guy doesn’t mean you can play him any better.

Video of Jason Gillespie’s double hundred

Anyone who missed it can see very brief highlights (all 54 seconds of them) below (or here). Annoyingly, the bloke who uploaded them – though we are grateful for their efforts – has shamelessly advertised his blog all over it. Bluergh. Not how we do things, matey…

Meanwhile, I’m in Devon and thoroughly good it is too. I’m now drinking an Otter.

South Africa v Australia, 2nd Test, Durban, 4th day

I really need to plan this better, but because I post these things in advance (it’s Friday and I’m about to go out), I have nothing to add. I do like beer though, and have just had some rather nice cheddar. Rock on, cricket fans.

(it’s now Sunday night – Australia in command. Can SA pull it back? Can they b*******)

Summer Lightning

Summer Lightning

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If I could sum up my kind of summers, this would come pretty close. A pint of beer, newspaper, sitting at the cricket. See, I’m actually about 60, not 24…

An insight into Australian club cricket

No, I’m not talking about the bloke who last week threatened to kill an umpire (true). This gem comes from Stu – whose blog is one of the many I don’t have time to read as often as I’d like – who was a regular here during the Ashes, when everyone went Kricket Krazy.

Here’s a copy of an email I received this afternoon from my cricket club, which I feel beautifully displays the nature of the majority of Australian Club Cricket (this is verbatim!):

Subject : Thursday Night Training

Watto wishes to let all players know there will be no Thursday night
training this week, due to Australia day Public Holiday and the expected heat
However Browny has expressed his desire to open the bar. If
anyone if interested in training or attending the Bar can you give him a quick

Beer cap trivia

Gotta love beer cap trivia: