Postcards from the Sledge (10 of 10)

The last of 10 postcards from Postcards from the Sledge. It’s the end of our exclusive run, and many thanks to Beach for allowing them here. Hopefully I’ve helped him sell a few. In 24 hours, the first ball will be hurled down in Brisbane and the sledging can really start.

Australian Whine

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Postcards from the Sledge (9 of 10)

The ninth of 10 postcards from Postcards from the Sledge

You're only good at swimming

This has added relevance as Ian Thorpe is due to retire, apparently…

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Cricinfo’s conference in Goa

It doesn’t work very well, no idea why. Erm…I’ll try it again in the week. If you’re a Cricinfo person email me if you want the JPEGs.

If you’re reading via a feed, click here.

Postcards from the Sledge (1 of 10)

Beach, a comic artist, emailed me yesterday with details of a new set (Postcards from the Sledge) of postcards he has drawn and designed – and they’re absolutely superb. Based on cricket sledges between England and Australia (mainly), they’re unique to say the least and great fun.

Front Cover of Postcards from the Sledge

Beach has kindly donated a copy for me to review but, in the meantime, we’re going to be showing ten of them here on the blog, starting today, as a countdown to the first Test at Brisbane. A new one will appear every third day. Of course, you shouldn’t just wait for them to show up here…go and buy your own! Here’s the first:

And visit his site for more information.

Beach cricket in Scotland

This is superb! On a beach near Fife in Scotland; even in August, Scotland can be a chilly place. But it”s always beautiful. I casino canada spent so many holidays in my youth on the west coast of Scotland – an incredible country. Check out the larger photo too.

beach cricket


Site down and up

Right, the site is back live again – I logged on briefly last night to check, and saw it was down. No idea why, but some bastard has probably hacked us. All seems fine now. Those who know me, could you be kind enough to text me if you happen to notice the site goes down again? Off to the beach now.

It’s summer

The reason for the lack of posting is because…


It’s perishingly cold in the sea still, probably won’t warm up until August – but I might just dive in tomorrow. Impossibly brilliant beaches around here.

So – not a lot of time. News and developments on Sat or Sun…or more likely on Monday/Tuesday. Catch you then.