Cricinfo’s conference in Goa

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Beach cricket in Scotland

This is superb! On a beach near Fife in Scotland; even in August, Scotland can be a chilly place. But it”s always beautiful. I casino canada spent so many holidays in my youth on the west coast of Scotland – an incredible country. Check out the larger photo too.

beach cricket


The game in Goa

The game of the nation

Originally uploaded by Flickr user mszmpkb.

On the beach at Goa

I want to be on the beach


Originally uploaded by Flickr user gabrielliot1.

Damn Jennifer and damn her beach talk. Damn her emails about the proximity of the beach to her flat and damn everyone, damn it all! I want to be on the beach playing cricket!

And damn South Africa and damn New Zealand for being so damn dull. Actually that’s bollocks, it’s a cracking Test match.

Beach cricket in Sri Lanka

Another great photo – this is a fabulous “beach cricket” shot in Sri Lanka

Beach Cricket in Sri Lanka

Is there ‘owt better than beach cricket?

Is there ‘owt better than beach cricket?

Beach cricket

[via Mekon on Flickr]

Pitcher perfect


Photo taken by Joris Machielse @

No it’s not a spelling mistake…I’m trying to be funny. Geddit? No, fair enough. This Indian is having a bowl on a beach, but the photographer says he’s a pitcher, or a “trower,” whatever a trower is. Who wants to tell him [the photographer] the proper terminology, or shall we sit back in smug satisfaction that we know the rules and he doesn’t?

Beach Cricket photo

beach cricket1 7-8-05

Photo taken by localsurfer @

I’m also loving this photo…sums up beach cricket. Great “thirds” too; sky, sea and sand.