Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe

Nothing to do with cricket but worthy of mention. Charlie Brooker has a weekly rant at the ridiculously vacuous world of television and celebrity, and damn fine it is too. I’m all for sarcasm and cynicism, especially when it pokes fun at TV’s crapness.

I happened to see a man being chased by a hoody wielding a fishing net the other day. Even for Shepherds Bush, this was out of the ordinary…until I saw it on Brooker’s show. Curiously, having realised they film a lot of it in the same building in which we used to work, I can now see they do a lot of sketches in the lifts, balconies and bar of the Shepherds Building (which is in some way rather ironic, considering his distaste for tacky television…)

Anyway, it’s on BBC Four and worth a gander I reckons.