Banger’s back (albeit against Devon)

In spite of Nasser Hussain’s bold insistence that Australia were “under the cosh for a lot of” today’s match against England, the end result was rather predictable. England did apply themselves well for portions of the match – specifically the partnership between Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen – but that one highlight alone is not enough to beat Australia, to win the World Cup or to prove England’s one-day ethic is nothing more than hit-and-hope. In fact, poke-and-pray might be more accurate.

All is not lost. You’ve no doubt heard by now that Marcus Trescothick made his return to cricket – albeit against a Devon attack more used to serving scones than yorkers – with a brutal 256 from 117 balls. This is a good thing.

The mystery surrounding his stress-related illness is still very much just that. No one knows for sure exactly what constitutes stress, nor why it happened, nor why he was apparently unfit to attend England’s Champions Trophy yet was fit to tour Australia a few weeks later. He lasted just two weeks which, given the horror show that eventuated, was probably just as well.

I desperately hope he returns, fighting fit, scoring banger tons again. Who knows? This lay-off he has had could relaunch his career, turning him from a good England player into a great.

Banger’s blog

Marcus Trescothick has started blogging. Well, his ghost has, anyway, or at least his biggest fan has. It’s all rather odd, but mildly entertaining, including things such as:

Well it started very badly, we sort of pulled it almost together in the middle, and then it started to fall apart again at the end.

Mostly it was long and very very hot. (aparently they clocked 40 deg during the afternoon). It was good practice; we’re going to have a lot of very long hot days in the field over the next month or two so we needed to see what it was going to feel like. But our batting is currently such a worry that I would have prefered to have got them out much quicker and give ourselves a day and half to really dig in and get some practice at getting runs.

Don’t they teach them how to spell in their “media training” things these days? Although, quite impressed with the excellent use of that semi-colon.

UPDATE: I’m officially concerned. Read some of the comments here. There are Mark_Bouchers, Stephen_Flemings and all sorts. All a bit odd, really!