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I used to blog a huge amount. I started ten years ago writing about cricket, forming a cricket blog called The Corridor at, and a year later bashed down the doors of in Shepherds Bush, who to my immense surprise employed me as a journalist/writer. The blog was very popular and had good traffic, but I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I liked and after mistakenly losing two years of content, I decided to kill it off (the stuff from 2004-2007 is still in the cricket category though).

I’ve been at Cricinfo ever since, though now work for the parent company, ESPN. My relationship with cricket has soured since, but all commitments go through a rocky patch at some point or another and we’ll be reunited again, much as I hope to reunite me and writing through this blog.

When I first began writing about cricket I did so as a personal document. It was for me, and its being online was coincidental. That’s the purpose of this blog; I want to look back in ten years at the thoughts and experiences I had and see what changes. It’s only recently that I’ve realised just how long ten years actually is and how much we change. It would be nice to have a physical document charting this, so we’ll see how we get on.

There will be a lot of cricket, technology, media industry crap, philosophy, and other things written about – basically, all things which make me tick . Let’s see where it goes.

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