World Cup beginneth

Is anyone else really up for this World Cup? It’s on at a reasonable hour for those of us in Blighty (14.00 – 22.00 or thereabouts); Australia are in a mess; England are unusually buoyant and appear, for now, to be recovering from a mass of injuries; Pakistan have already fallen off their perch yet appear bullish about their chances. In fact everyone, bar Bermuda, seem to think they can win it. It’s wide open and damn near exciting.

Although I’m a fan of minnow-cricket, Bermuda really do take the biscuit. In fact, they take a whole packet of biscuits. One-day cricket is a fickle beast, but I really cannot see Bermuda upsetting anyone but their home fans. Talking of such things, I thought the world could do with a guide to the minnows, especially after hearing Paul Collingwood and Michael Vaughan admit they knew nothing about the Bermudans – other than David Hemp (or “Hempy”. The y is an obligitory addition to all cricketers’ names in England. Except if your name happens to end in a y, like Yardy, in which case you’re called “Yarders”. Or Mike.)

So if you’re clueless and/or completely apathetic about the performances of Kenya, Canada, Scotland and co, think again.

Rock on. I’m up for this.

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