Wither, World Cup

Superb rant from Patrick Kidd

Is anyone else as angry as I am about the World Cup? It has been building for a while but spilt over this evening while watching West Indies make a pig’s ear of their run chase against Sri Lanka, who were watched by hardly any spectators in a brand new but not fully complete stadium that is covered with more sponsors’ logos than a Formula One car, commentated on by the biggest collection of vapid “talent” since Celebrity Big Brother, and yet again a World Cup match, the 30th of this unending tournament, is heading for a dull finish. I make it 27 dull games out of 30 and coming after the least competitive Ashes series for 80-odd years, it is capping off a thoroughly miserable winter.

Couldn’t agree more with it all. Cricket is more a business than a game these days, and it’s the ICC’s insufferable greed which is killing it.

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