Three cheers for partisan cricket blogging

There’s an interesting debate going on in Will’s India photo thread, which is well worth a read. In it, Will made a point that I’m as partisan as it gets when it comes to my blogging.

And I make no apologies for being an Australian cheerleader. I’ve been very lucky over the last fifteen years or so to see some extraordinary performances by the Australian cricket team, and they deserve to be celebrated. Moreover, every cricket fan has the right to cheer on their team.

But as a blogger, writing to an international readership, I think it is also important to be honest, and call it as I see it- and applaud good play from where-ever it may come. And also, when teams play badly, you have to be honest about that as well. So there is a balance to be sought. It is different to what happens with newspaper or radio broadcasts, which are aimed at one particular national audience. – for example, Simon Briggs wrote a match report about the England vs Sri Lanka ODI- dwelling more on England’s failings then Sri Lanka’s excellence. That is natural- he’s writing for an English paper after all.

Do we succeed here at the Corridor in striking the right balance? I’d like to think we do, but ultimately that is up to the reader to decide.

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