The Shoaib and Asif farce

I’ve been out of action for a few days drinking my bodyweight and trying to ignore the fact I’m now closer to 30 than 20. Not to mention a flurry of “you’re halfway to 50 you old bastard” texts.

What better way to cure my groggy mind than to understand the Shoaib and Asif affair?

    They test positive for Nando Bannedo
    They are banned
    The ban is overturned. Lots of people go mentalist at the decision
    Somehow, they “avoid” a PCB dope test (last week). That was clever
    They both pick up a couple of injuries. Smoke and mirrors
    Off to the airport. The team all sing reggae in the bus, Inzamam on the steel drums
    Oh but hang on, the injuries are too bad, too serious. GET OFF THE BUS NOW

“The truth is both of them are injured and they may take even months to make a full recovery,” Nasim Ashraf said, with fingers, arms and legs firmly crossed. “The board’s medical panel will soon check them out but the chances of them recovering quickly from their injuries is very bleak.”

Complete and utter farce. But they’re not banned, they’re injured. Just in case you forget.

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