Nixon’s sledging tips

Photo of Paul Nixon celebrating

Paul “Badger” Nixon, who I’ve yet to see play, is the subject of a recent post at SMH’s The Tonk. Or rather, Badger’s sledging is the focus. They’ve reprinted some of his best, as originally found at The Sunday Times last week.

To Matthew Hayden (whom Nixon claimed expressed nothing but contempt for him): “Hey, Matty, this could be your last knock for Australia, mate. Hey, mate, don’t throw it all away, not in your last knock for your country.”

To Andrew Symonds: “Ah, Symo, great to see you, mate. How’s everyone, the family? I know you, Symo. If you edge me and I take the catch, I’m going to send you a copy of the scorecard to your home, every day for a year.”

To Ricky Ponting: “Ricky, I don’t think you’re that good at picking up a slow ball.” And believing it’s better to get the skipper’s mind off the game, get him out of the present, he adds: “What about the team for next week, Ricky – picked it yet? I saw those jazzy shoes you had made for yourself – very cool.”

To Michael Clarke, who had changed the sticker on his bat: “That old sticker, Michael, it was always lucky for you. The new one’s not going to bring you the same luck, wait and you see.” When Clarke replied that Nixon was nothing but a club cricketer, Nixon shot back: “How’s it going to feel, Michael, to be caught by a club cricketer? You know what, you’re going to make a club cricketer’s day.”

Not a patch on other sledges but brilliantly irritating.

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