Late cut

KP won’t have been too happy with his dismissal yesterday, but there was an extra shock as he removed his helmet en route to the pavilion. The big man has a formal short-back-and-sides barnet, no less conventional than Alastair Cook at the other end. Not a skunk in sight.

KP’s tastes may have moved on (improved?) but there is still a legacy from the stripy mullet that was unleashed a few years ago. It seems that the skunk ‘do has only just arrived in my part of the Cotswolds. It is often said that country folk are slow to pick up on fashion trends and popular culture, and there were no less than three members of the opposition last weekend who sported a KP tribute, no doubt hoping to feed off the success it brought him.

They were not identical, although the diamante ear stud came as standard. One wore the classic windswept badger brush, complete with puffed out chest, rolled up sleeves and bared biceps. He smacked a rapid 70-odd, including an enormous six that dented his boss’s Range Rover, so perhaps this hero-worship has paid off.

His opening partner had chosen the road-kill racoon, streaking the black-and-white with a fiery red. He didn’t make many. The third member of this tribute band had the full KP skunk, but he had chosen to fleck the tail with crimson dye. Heaven only knows how. He got a first ball duck, although he did take a few good catches. He was an Aussie, so it was unlikely KP had inspired him. Perhaps it was just a fashion thing. Or maybe he’d be better off with a Nathan Bracken Alice-band?

It got me thinking that a hairstyle makeover might help my own form. I could probably sprout a WG beard by the end of September. Any other recommendations?

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