ICC cops it again

The ICC cops another serve, this time from Ian Chappell. When everyone except people on your payroll are telling you that you are doing a lousy job, then you are doing a lousy job.

Speed is always at great pains to spread the gospel that cricket is in good shape. However, you start to wonder if working in Dubai, where a ski resort is plonked in the middle of the desert and a hotel built in the ocean, hasn’t affected his grip on reality.

As if the litany of disasters at the World Cup isn’t evidence enough of a game in need of a re-think, there have been numerous other warning signals in the lead up to the tournament.

In the recent past there was the appalling handling of Zimbabwe’s predicament, the first ever forfeit of a Test match and the two prestigious one-day tournaments have been played within six months of each other.

Then there is the preposterous dilution of standards that has occurred under this regime. To have a match anointed as “official” appears to require nothing more than an assurance there are more than eleven registered cricketers in both countries participating in the match. This has led to a plethora of one-sided matches in both forms of the game.

And we haven’t even mentioned corruption, which the England captain thinks is still prevalent in the game or the mind numbing mess that now constitutes the laws of cricket.

Thank goodness Ian Chappell never tells ME what sort of job I am doing!

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