How the World Cup works (plus fixtures)

For the uninitiated, this is what’s happening in Cricket Land over the next few weeks. It’s massive.

Teams, how it works, and all that

  • Two points for a win; one for a tie or no-result.
  • Sixteen teams divided into four groups, the top two of move through to the Super Eights.
  • The top four from the Super Eights will qualify for the semi-finals – and the top team will play the fourth-placed side. It’s actually quite simple, but no doubt it’ll all be thrown into chaos and disorder at some point. Hopefully.

Group A, St Kitts & Nevis

Mar 14 Australia v Scotland

Mar 16 Netherlands v South Africa

Mar 18 Australia v Netherlands

Mar 20 Scotland v South Africa

Mar 22 Netherlands v Scotland

Mar 24 Australia v South Africa

Group B, Trinidad & Tobago

Mar 15 Bermuda v Sri Lanka

Mar 17 Bangladesh v India

Mar 19 Bermuda v India

Mar 21 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka

Mar 23 India v Sri Lanka

Mar 25 Bangladesh v Bermuda

Group C, St Lucia

Mar 14 Canada v Kenya

Mar 16 England v New Zealand

Mar 18 Canada v England

Mar 20 Kenya v New Zealand

Mar 22 Canada v New Zealand

Mar 24 England v Kenya

Group D, Jamaica

Mar 11 West Indies v Pakistan

Mar 15 Ireland v Zimbabwe

Mar 17 Ireland v Pakistan

Mar 19 West Indies v Zimbabwe

Mar 21 Pakistan v Zimbabwe

Mar 23 Ireland v West Indies

Super Eights

Mar 27 D2 v A1 Antigua & Barbuda

Mar 28 A2 v B1 Guyana

Mar 29 D2 v C1 Antigua & Barbuda

Mar 30 D1 v C2 Guyana

Mar 31 A1 v B2 Antigua & Barbuda

Apr 1 D2 v B1 Guyana

Apr 2 B2 v C1 Antigua & Barbuda

Apr 3 D1 v A2 Guyana

Apr 4 C2 v B1 Antigua & Barbuda

Apr 7 B2 v A2 Guyana

Apr 8 A1 v C2 Antigua & Barbuda

Apr 9 D1 v C1 Guyana

Apr 10 D2 v A2 Grenada

Apr 11 C2 v B2 Barbados

Apr 12 B1 v C1 Grenada

Apr 13 A1 v D1 Barbados

Apr 14 A2 v C1 Grenada

Apr 15 B2 v D1 Barbados

Apr 16 A1 v B1 Grenada

Apr 17 A2 v C2 Barbados

Apr 18 D1 v B1 Grenada

Apr 19 D2 v B2 Barbados

Apr 20 A1 v C1 Grenada

Apr 21 D2 v C2 Barbados


Apr 24 Super Eight second v Super Eight thirrd Jamaica

Apr 25 Super Eight first v Super Eight fourth St Lucia


Apr 28 Winner semi-final 1 v Winner semi-final 2 Barbados

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