Handbags at 22 yards

Thanks to work commitments, I didn’t see much of the second ODI between Australia and India that seems to have stirred up something of a hornet’s nest, with boys behaving badly on both sides. But from what I have seen, it has been pretty pathetic, and the captains on both sides need to tell their players to pull their heads in and stop acting the goat.

That goes double for Australia. The entire team is pretty much full of experienced players who should know better then to get involved in slanging matches. For example, Symonds should have stayed out of it when Sreesanth tried to confront Brad Haddin-  Haddin was showing with the bat that he was quite capable of looking after himself.

It’s a bad sign, because in the next twelve months or so, India and Australia are basically going to be in each other’s faces all the time- a nightmare of bad scheduling again. So it would be good if they could all get along.

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