Andrew Symonds hits out

Fresh after being subjected to monkey chants, Andrew Symonds has struck back by smashing a brilliant century in the sixth ODI. He’s also had a bit to say in a newspaper column.

Right now, I’m not allowed to comment on exactly what went on. But I’m not the most deadly serious bloke. Life goes on.

One thing I can comment on is that’s there is quite a bit of feeling between the two sides. Now that it’s started, I can’t see things changing greatly. We certainly won’t be taking a backward step.

The feeling has come from the carry-on that surrounded their Twenty20 world cup win. When we got here, it was just everywhere.

Our blokes thought it was really over the top. Some of the things their players have been given and the way they are treated, it’s like they are rock stars and princes.


Since winning the Twenty20, the Indians have been very chirpy. Our first one-dayer was a very verbal affair and the third game was the same.

It was nice to give them a real thumping (in game five). They were very quiet after that game.

To be honest, I think they are showing a bit of bravado.

We’ve had the edge on them here and we’ll get them again in Australia this summer.

To be honest, I’d rather there was rather less of the verbals and a little bit more concentrating on batting and bowling. So far, the sixth ODI has been rather more peaceable- hopefully this trend will continue.

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