Support The Corridor

First of all, my apologies in sinking so low…but this is a genuine request for support, as the blog is entering new territory. Traffic is at an all-time high, which of course is great – and welcome to you if you’re new – but it’s becoming increasingly difficult, financially, to support it. I need some help!

Already, since the beginning of July, we’ve received 1,179,102 hits up until August 12. On average this year, it’s growing by 200-350,000 hits month on month and is denting my wallet considerably.

If you enjoy the site, find my mumblings interesting and want to support it, please do. Even a small donation is enormously helpful. If you’re from a company and are interested in advertising here, do get in contact. I’m in talks with a couple of large sporting companies, but neither of these seem likely to happen.

I’m aware of the pathetic, sickly nature of this post and I apologise. And one day, I’m sure a company or service might be keen on supporting us and helping it to grow…but in the meantime, the peanuts and scraps from the faithful will have to do!

This will be the last beg for dosh, I promise. On the plus side, I do have some exciting competitions for you in the next month or two which I hope makes up for this pathetic post. Click below if you’re feeling generous, no problem either way. I’ll get my coat.

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